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Cordiality: The first element of the brand name "Cordial Canarias" is like an announcement of our philosophy. That is, all in all, the commitment, from the heart, with our costumer's well being.  

This philosophy encourages the workers of our company to have joy and optimism as the main priority, in such a way that the first reaction before the presence of any person (not only costumers, but any supplier or work mate) would be a wide open smile. Cordiality does not end in a smile when receiving somebody, but requires a serious commitment with the other person (specially the costumer, but as we said, also with the suppliers, the work mates, etc.), to understand their needs and expectations, to satisfy them as well as possible.  

Excellence: If we want to be the leaders, we need anyone of us to be very professional in our job, seeking always the excellence in out work. We believe in the serious a rigorous work, in the quality, in the responsibility of every member of our crew. 

Commitment of the workers with the company: Everything we do is done to contribute with our company's profitableness. If this goal can't be achieved, there will be no future for the company, and this would mean no future for our jobs. This requires a personal readiness and state of mind, in order to manage the time and the resources in the best way possible, optimizing the costs. 

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