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Hall, Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa

The word Cordial derives from the latin cordis (heart, effort, spirit) and means: Affectionate, cordial of heart

The first element of our brand “Cordial Canarias” already recognizes the basis of our philosophy which is none other than commitment, from the heart, for the comfort of our clients.

The main objective of Cordial Canarias is to make sure that our clients can relax in a respectful and friendly environment, this means a careful and kind attention towards our clients by our dedicated professional team and a program for the continuous improvement of the equipment of the establishments. 

The grade of satisfaction of our clients is the object of a rigorous study carried out by Cordial Canarias with the use of questionnaires which measure the level of satisfaction of our clients. 

The second element of our brand Cordial Canarias announces our commitment to the archipelago of the Canaries, the islands of Eternal Spring, this privileged place where all our tourist establishments can be found.  

This commitment on the one hand means a preoccupation for the environment which makes us fulfill to the highest standards of environmental protection, and on the other hand means that we are aware of our social responsibility which makes us participate in the social life of the villages where we work, with sport and cultural programs and with communication. 

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