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Costa Calma is situated in east Fuerteventura, 80km south of the airport and bordering the Jandía National Park.

Despite the first hotel in Costa Calma dating back to 1977, it was necessary to wait until 1990 before the development of the infrastructure allowed the tourist expansion that is found in Costa Calma today.

Tourims is mainly German although the number of Spanish and English is increasing. As its name indicates, Costa Calma (calm coast) is the ideal of place for relaxation and tranquillity.

Costa Calma is the location of the largest theme park in Fuerteventura with hundreds of species of animals and plants. Also worth seeing is the abundance of palms and canarian pines.

Costa Calma accounts for an interesting number of restaurants, shops and other leisure alternatives. It is the perfect place in which to lose yourself for a few days. The Costa Calma coast forms a wide bay that stretches from the “Los Molinillos” point to “Risco del Gato” where it forms cliffs and the seabed below is attractive to divers. What remains in the middle is an extensive golden sandy beach about 2km long and up to 300m wide in some sections.

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